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Nieuwe features:

SCOPE FinTech Solutions continuously improves the CDD On Demand solution with new features. For example, a lot of work has recently been done to add the insolvency register and is now also checked for risky countries according to the FATF lists. In addition, automatic filling-in help has been added so that you can now check companies and persons even faster.

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Below is a total overview of the additions to CDD On Demand from Friday 5 June 2020.

Personal and company control - Insolvency register

The central insolvency register is now also consulted when conducting a personal or business check. To search for persons within the insolvency register, first name, last name and date of birth are required. A message will be displayed as soon as one of these fields is not filled in, you can then choose to continue without consulting the insolvency register.

Personal and company control - Geography FATF

When checking individuals and companies, related countries * are checked against the FATF lists:

  • FATF: Jurisdictions under Increased Monitoring
  • FATF: High-Risk Jurisdictions subject to a Call for Action

* related countries based on user input, addresses found and nationality.

Personal and company control - Countries including flag

A country can be specified when checking a person or company. This input is used with the geography component and is used to narrow the search results. Related countries are, for example, country of birth, nationality and addresses.

The input works with “autofill”, which means that the country is completed while typing. The flag of the respective country is also displayed.


Company controle Company Control - ZIP Codes and Address File

To make it easier to enter Dutch addresses, the street name and the city are automatically entered based on zip code + house number.

Company Control - Streetview

When screening a company (with address details entered), a Street View map from Google Maps is displayed.

Person and company control - Improved notification when there are no results

To indicate more clearly what “No results found” means, the message has been expanded and an animation is shown:

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