Better, faster and cheaper client screening for the AMLD

SCOPE FinTech Solutions recently entered into partnerships with both Acuris Risk Intelligence and the Chamber of Commerce for the provision of background data on individuals and companies regarding AMLD obligations.

Acuris Risk Intelligence is a global specialist in news, research, analysis and data for financial professionals. Acuris Risk Intelligence provides data necessary to perform mandatory background checks of individuals and companies with the CDD On Demand solution.

Voor een onderzoek naar Nederlandse UBO’s en concernverbanden maakt de CDD On Demand oplossing gebruik van uittreksels van de Kamer van Koophandel. Door samenwerkingen met partners, verbetert SCOPE FinTech Solutions het productaanbod van de partners en legt hierdoor de basis voor een verdere groei voor alle betrokkenen.

Transparency for a lower price

The collaboration with Acuris Risk Intelligence enables a lower selling price of the CDD On Demand solution. Prices for customers and their clients are reduced and the pricing model is simplified.

SCOPE FinTech has developed integration software for communication with the Acuris APIs. The CDD On Demand solution can be quickly integrated into existing software solutions, for example Microsoft Dynamics, by means of our own APIs.

Daily monitoring

An important requirement under the AMLD and Sanctions Act is that customers must continuously monitor their clients. A client can do this by rechecking all clients on a daily basis (costly and time consuming) or by placing the client on a monitor list and providing it with a check frequency.

“This is an important and distinctive feature of our CDD On Demand solution as many compliance solution providers do not offer this functionality ", says general director Fred van 't Hoff.

SCOPE FinTech Solutions heeft integratiesoftware ontwikkeld voor de communicatie met de Acuris API ’s. De CDD On Demand oplossing kan ook snel worden ingebouwd in bestaande softwareoplossingen, bijvoorbeeld Microsoft Dynamics door middel onze eigen API’s.

SCOPE FinTech Solutions biedt door de samenwerking met Acuris Risk Intelligence de mogelijkheid om een “Monitorfunctie” aan te bieden. Een belangrijk vereiste vanuit de Wwft en Sanctiewet is dat onze klanten hun cliënten continu moeten monitoren. Dit kan een klant doen door dagelijks alle cliënten opnieuw te controleren (kostbaar en tijdrovend) of door de client op een monitorlijst te plaatsen en te voorzien van een controlefrequentie.

“This is an important and distinctive feature of our CDD On Demand solution as many compliance solution providers do not offer this functionality", says general director Fred van 't Hoff.

Search UBOs at the Chamber of Commerce 

An integration with the Chamber of Commerce has been developed for the search for UBOs. The company structure is requested from the Chamber of Commerce and all other relevant Chamber of Commerce extracts are also requested. By applying knowledge rules - suspected - UBOs are identified, which are then submitted for a background check in the context of the AMLD.

Better, faster and cheaper. These were the three reasons for entering into a partnership with Acuris Risk Intelligence and the Chamber of Commerce. SCOPE FinTech Solutions wants to work with customers to contribute to the fight against money laundering through the use of high-quality technology.   

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