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Achtergrondcontroles: uitbreiding en aanpassing rode vlaggen

Background Checks: Expansion and Adjustment Red Flags

Reading time: 2 min.

The flags on which the background checks within “Check person” and “Check company” check have been expanded and adjusted. Below you will find the most important changes:

Extension: PEP flags

The PEP flag has been expanded and split into three flags. The most important extension is the additional flag “PEP by association”. PEP stands for “Politically Exposed Person” (in Dutch: “Politically Interested Person”). An associated PEP refers to a person who, although not a PEP himself, has close ties or is associated with a PEP.

  • Politically exposed person (current)
  • Politically exposed person (former)
  • Politically exposed person by association

New: Possibly relevant profile

Natural or legal persons who are profiled based on the old data model where the relevant flags no longer apply. For example, an expired PEP status or expired measures from Law Enforcement & regulators. This information may be relevant to your customer due diligence.

Amendment: Enforcement and Supervisors Act

The flags “Law Enforcement Agencies” and “Financial Regulators” have been merged under the flag “Law Enforcement & Regulators”.

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