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CDD On Demand API integration

The CDD On Demand integration has been developed to easily integrate the CDD On Demand solution into your solution in order to offer a total package to your customers. 

Collaboration for better service

Enrich your product offering with CDD On Demand

Through the CDD API integration it is possible to link CDD On Demand with your software system. The integration is in addition to the product offerings you provide to third parties. Your customers can quickly and easily meet the requirements of the Wwft and Sanctions Act.

The API Integration

Integrating CDD On Demand is done through an API. The integration with SCOPE CDD On Demand is a relatively simple development effort, which we can help you with.

Your software sends a request (the name and possibly date of birth of a natural person or the name of a company) and it will receive a list of all the matches with your search. You choose the right client and get to see the details about the client in response. If necessary, you could also let the details be documented in a automatically generated certified PDF report. Due to the integration, the compliance checks have become a simple question and answer game.

For the UBO check this works practically the same; Send a company name or a Chamber of Commerce number and as a receive insight into the structure of the company and its (possible) UBO’s. Here you can as well choose to have the details documented in a certified PDF report.

For monitoring it is only necessary that your customers keep the list of persons and companies up-to-date, and that you take care of the handling of any matches.

The API integration is a simple link, which can be built for you in a few days. 

We offer the following support:

Free test accounts for the development process


Sample code for the API integration

Support when installing your own software

What components can you integrate

Compliance check

With the compliance check, your customers can easily screen natural persons and/or companies on various points. As soon as the customer enters the name of a natural person or company, the system automatically requests data from various sources about the person or company entered by the client. They will then be given the option to view the details and request a PDF report of the screening.

Among other things, the following elements are screened*: active and historical sanctions, law enforcement agencies, politically prominent persons (PEP), negative media, financial regulators, insolvency listings (international media) and lists of disqualified directors.

*More options can be added to this (see extras)

UBO check (Dutch companies only)

If the client is a business entity, the ultimate beneficial owner of a company will have to be identified and then investigated or screened. It must be clear which natural person - ultimately - is behind the legal entity.

The UBO study is based on information from the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce. The UBO check helps to efficiently carry out the UBO research and to be able to carry out the compliance check directly for the found natural person(s), the UBO(s) and the associated companies. Of course, the complete audit trail (the UBO check and the compliance check) is recorded in a sealed and certified PDF report.

24/7 monitoring

An important requirement from the AMLD and Sanctions Act is that clients must be monitored continuously. This means checking whether a client has been added to a (sanctioning) list. With the CDD API integration, you can place a natural person or a company on the so-called monitoring list. As soon as a natural person or company is found on the monitoring list on a (sanction) list, you will immediately receive a notification of this. For example, immediate action can be taken if necessary and the client's risk assessment may be adjusted if necessary. This is an important and distinctive feature of SCOPE CDD On Demand, as many compliance solution providers do not offer this functionality.

The feature saves you a lot of time and provides the necessary information to keep the risk assessment always up to date.

Expansion compliance check

You have the possibility to extend the compliance check with the following components: geographical risk, insolvency register and the receivership and administration register. In addition, it is also possible to add the 'search engine screening'. 

High-risk countries

Whether the country poses an increased risk according to FATF, CPI and EU lists.

Receivership and administration register (Netherlands)

Whether the person is under administration or guardianship. Through the receivership and administrative register.

Insolvency register

Whether the person or company is registered in the insolvency register.

Search engine screening

Screening based on information collected by a public search engine (Bing).

Type of users

The CDD On Demand API integration is therefore of interest to you if you, as a provider of a total package for third parties, want to enrich your solution with Wwft/CDD/AML controls. Enrich your product range with CDD On Demand, so that together we can serve your customers even better. View the various customer cases below, in which the CDD API integration was the solution the client was looking for

The VerhuurOffice package has numerous smart solutions that bring together the wishes of home seekers and landlords. Set up your own work processes, automatically inform interested parties about new offers and scan your candidates easily and safely for feasibility and later also for compliance. has decided to enrich their CRM platform with CDD functionalities from SCOPE FinTech Solutions. Due to the innovative integration, clients of HuurOffice can very easily carry out Wwft client surveys through the integration of CDD On Demand with

Yes-co has an automation system specifically for real estate agents and real estate managers. This automation system has several modules that the real estate agents and real estate managers can use. They were still looking for a module that allowed brokers to easily meet the obligations under the AMLD and Sanctions Act. In CDD On Demand they found this module. From now on, through an API integration, the brokers can simply perform their Wwft checks and UBO checks within their trusted automation system.

Rapper Software is an executive portfolio management software system. From the head office in Rotterdam they serve independent asset managers, family offices, directors and private banks. At the request of many clients, Rapper Software involved SCOPE FinTech Solutions to enrich their portfolio management system with a CDD solution. From now on, due to the integration, users can easily and quickly carry out CDD checks under the Wwft and Sanctions Act and the additional mandatory client research.

Benefits for you and your clients