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''We help you to be AML compliant and do business safely without risks''

About SCOPE FinTech Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience in providing professional CRM systems to the Dutch market, SCOPE marketing technology b.v. two new products on the map at the end of 2017: the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal and the CDD On Demand solution; both developed to further optimize customer satisfaction. With our extensive and loyal customer base building on past success stories, we strive to continuously deliver innovative technology solutions for financial professionals everywhere. 

Marketing Technology

CDD On Demand

SCOPE FinTech Solutions focuses mainly on financial institutions and supports these companies in complying with legal AML and MiFID II obligations concerning their clients.

SCOPE FinTech Solutions mainly focuses on financial institutions and supports these companies in complying with legal AMLD and MiFID II obligations for their customers. SCOPE FinTech Solutions supplies the Cloud Service CDD On Demand for this. CDD On Demand has been developed for accountants, administrative offices and tax advisors. Another SCOPE FinTech Solutions product is the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal, built to meet European MiFID II Know Your Customer obligations.

CDD On Demand

SCOPE FinTech Solutions is the ideal choice for financial institutions and offers extensive support to meet their Wwft obligations. With CDD On Demand, accountants, accounting firms and other gatekeepers can get started with client background checks in moments – making compliance effortless!

The team

Fred van 't Hoff


Rick Kauwen

Research engineer

Eric Pieterse


Bas van der Veer

Sales manager

Ruby Hovenier

Ruby Hovenier

Digital Marketeer

Sagar Rohrbach

Business Analyst

Talitha Dirven

Finance and Operations Manager

Luuk Heijlaerts

Account and product manager

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Disclaimer: SCOPE FinTech Solutions strives to ensure that the data made available through CDD on Demand is current, complete and factually accurate. However, by using this service you accept that inaccuracies and/or incompleteness cannot be completely ruled out and that SCOPE FinTech Solutions is not liable in any way for such inaccuracies and/or incompleteness.

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