SCOPE FinTech Solutions launches risk assessment.

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An efficient and automated risk assessment of your clients, that's what the latest component in CDD On Demand offers. With this new function of CDD On Demand, it is very easy to automate the risk assessment and of course, your corporation will be able to get rid of the manual work that this tedious procedure generates. In addition to this, all clients receive an unambiguous risk conclusion. It is possible to have access to the new risk assessment function via CDD On Demand, our online solution, the solution is fully integrated there. 

The AML Directive is aimed at combating money laundering and terrorist financing. Asset managers, brokers, administrative offices, accountants, civil-law notaries and lawyers, among others, are obliged to make a risk assessment of all clients before starting a business relationship. If you are involved in the previous sectors mentioned, this means that all your clients must be tracked. Whether the client is on a sanction list, is a PEP, the origin of the assets, the sector where the client works or also in what is the geographical area is located.

Within CDD On Demand it was already possible to perform a compliance check of your clients in a very user-friendly way, which includes checking for sanction lists and PEP. With the advent of the risk assessment component, it is also possible to draw an automated risk conclusion based on the results obtained from CDD On Demand and you can extend the risk assessment by configuring additional questions. It is possible to download the results in a certified PDF report.

“The advantage of CDD On Demand is that it is designed to be very user-friendly and intuitive to use. In addition, you pay per action performed and you are not tied to fixed subscription costs. This makes CDD On Demand the best solution for us to easily comply with the AMLD" said a satisfied user.’, aldus een tevreden gebruiker.

For existing customers of CDD On Demand, the new risk assessment functionality is visible in the form of a new menu “Risk assessment sets”. From this menu, users can start configuring their own risk assessment set and start using it. Documentation and a sample template are available to help customers achieve a result quickly.

For more information hereNew customers can request a trial account today and start immediately with background checks and risk assessment.

Better be safe than sorry!