DJE Kapital AG integrates SCOPE CDD with Microsoft Dynamics


DJE Kapital AG integrates SCOPE CDD with Microsoft Dynamics

Hoofddorp 20-4-2020

Cooperation for better implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering legislation

In cooperation with the Cleversoft group, a leading RegTech software supplier from Munich, the Hoofddorp-based company SCOPE FinTech has developed a standard Customer Due Diligence (CDD) software solution. This solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Cleversoft group is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner and implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM at DJE Kapital. Among other things, the cloud-based SCOPE CDD software carries out background checks (PEP, sanctions lists, adverse media, etc.) for persons and companies. The SCOPE CDD solution enables direct CDD checks to be carried out from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows CDD checks to be carried out in a manner that is very user-friendly for the employees. Files are only dealt with in the SCOPE CDD portal if a result is found. The described solution was introduced in December 2019. Since then, more than 5,000 files have been checked.

SCOPE CDD legt alle uitgevoerde controles vast in de vorm van een digitaal gewaarmerkt pdf-rapport. Er wordt ook een compleet onderzoeksdossier vastgelegd in de database. De SCOPE CDD oplossing draait in de Microsoft Azure Cloud omgeving voor een hoge betrouwbaarheid en optimale veiligheid. Ook is de oplossing AVG proof en door SCOPE FinTech is er een externe Data Protection Officer ingeschakeld om erop toe te zien dat de richtlijnen worden gevolgd. Daarnaast is de oplossing juridisch getoetst door een kundige advocaat.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

Customer Due Diligence is a form of ‘Know Your Customer’ inventory in the literal sense of the word. It is a process during which relevant information on the customer is collected and assessed for any risks for the organisation of money laundering and/or terrorist financial activities. A CDD must be carried out when a company that falls under the scope of a law or regulation, with regard to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act or equivalent European or American legislation, wants to enter into a business relation with a customer. This applies to both a one-off transaction and a long-term customer-supplier relationship. This is actually is a risk inventory and a risk assessment in accordance with the guidelines in relevant legislation.


About DJE Kapital

DJE Kapital AG is a German group that is active in asset management and has several branches abroad. DJE Kapital AG was founded in 1974, and currently has its registered office in Pullach. DJE Kapital is unique in the sense that they were the first asset manager in Germany to set up an equity fund (in 1987), a fund that is still active. In 2017, DJE Kapital started offering digital online asset management. The history of DJE Kapital has amply proven that it is an innovative company, which has also contributed to its choice for the new SCOPE CDD solution


About Cleversoft

The Cleversoft group is a leading RegTech enterprise with Cloud solutions for financial services. Cleversoft is also the implementer of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Cleversoft group was founded in 2004. It has is principal place of business in Munich, but there are offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Nurnberg, Luxemburg and Sofia as well. Cleversoft optimises Business processes for legal documents, marketing materials, payment of commissions, and other back-office processes for more than 300 customers.


About SCOPE FinTech

A real pioneer in the Dutch ITC sector, SCOPE FinTech was founded in 1987. For over thirty years, it has provided the Dutch market with a professional CRM system. It has a large, loyal customer base, with a focus on the finance sector. After building, developing and selling CRM systems for thirty years, the time came for SCOPE FinTech to expand the product range. Exactly thirty years after SCOPE FinTech’s foundation, a new product was introduced, The SCOPE KYC Cloud solution which has meanwhile been extended with CDD check components.