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Vidua Vastgoed and SCOPE FinTech Solutions closed the year 2021 well and entered into a joint partnership. The partnership makes it possible for Vidua Vastgoed to conduct AML customer surveys easily and safely. Vidua Vastgoed is a subsidiary of NVM and was recently established. Vidua Vastgoed aims to give consumers more control over privacy-sensitive information during their home journey. At the same time, it helps business advisors in the home furnishings chain to comply better and more easily with the compliance obligations under the AML and AVG.

Vidua Vastgoed, together with its partners, develops specific products for brokers, mortgage advisers, lenders and civil-law notaries within the real estate market. One of the products that have been planned is a service for advisers to carry out the customer survey that is required according to AML regulations. Given the digital and innovative nature of this service, Vidua Vastgoed was looking for a solution that could provide KYC (Know Your Customer) and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) services with a solid technical platform and easy-to-implement APIs. Vidua Vastgoed has found the previous requirements at SCOPE FinTech Solutions, and this is where our story begins.

Vidua’s service is an electronic identity with the most secure system at the European level. In addition to this, users can identify themselves digitally and sign qualified documents, among other things. The app is not only an identity document but also a legal signature.

At the moment, buyers and sellers of houses can digitally identify themselves via Vidua in Move.nl, part of Realworks, the market-leading CRM package for real estate agents. Thanks to this, a copy of your passport is therefore no longer necessary. Consultants thus comply with the obligation to identify customers according to AML regulations. These options will therefore soon be expanded with a complete service for Wwft customer research.

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