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Webinar Wwft voor makelaars
July 6th

In collaboration with Yes-Co and Privacy Direct

Tuesday, July 6 at 4:00 PM, a webinar will be held about the AMLD for real estate agentsin collaboration with Yes-Co and Privacy Direct. During the webinar, various aspects of the AMLD will be discussed and the Yes-Co solution in combination with CDD On Demand will be presented.

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July 6th




What is the webinar about?

In collaboration with Yes-Co and Privacy Direct, we are organizing a webinar especially for real estate agents. The main subject will be the AMLD and in particular the consequences of the AMLD for brokers. Privacy Direct offers legal support in the field of compliance, including with the Compliance as a service service. During the webinar, Güven Erkaslan takes you into the world of legislation and regulations regarding the AMLD for real estate agents. Which rules apply and more importantly, how can you comply with these rules? On behalf of SCOPE FinTech Solutions, specialist in the field of simplifying CDD checks, Bas van der Veer then shows how the legislation and regulations can be applied easily and efficiently. Then Denise Thomson, well known in the real estate world for years, shows how this can be done in a flow by integrating CDD checks into the CRM system of Yes-Co.

Afterwards there will be plenty of time to ask questions to our experts.

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Het webinar zal plaatsvinden via Microsoft Teams. U kunt zich gratis aanmelden door het formulier in te vullen. 

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How what and why of the AMLD for real estate agents

How does SCOPE FinTech Solutions solve these problems

Integrated CDD solution by Yes-Co