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For the development of the CDD On Demand solution / the CDD Cloud Portal (for large accounts), we collaborate with various partners. Get in touch to become a partner as well.

Data partners

Acuris Risk Intelligence: Acuris Risk Intelligence is a global specialist in news, research, analysis and data for financial professionals. Acuris Risk Intelligence provides data necessary to perform mandatory background checks of individuals and companies with the CDD On Demand solution.

Founded in 2000, Acuris Risk Intelligence has been a growing information branding company united by commonalities such as industry knowledge, analytical skills, proprietary data and solutions to deliver maximum value. Acuris Risk Intelligence has 1,300 employees, including 600 specialist journalists and analysts, located in 67 locations around the world.

Acuris Risk Intelligence is a supplier to many of the world's leading consulting firms, investment banks, law firms, hedge funds, private equity and other companies. They rely on Acuris Risk Intelligence to help them understand specialized markets and find ideas for business development.

Chamber of Commerce: For an investigation into Dutch UBOs and group associations, the CDD On Demand solution uses extracts from the Chamber of Commerce.

Cloud partner

Microsoft Azure: SCOPE FinTech Solutions has been a Microsoft Partner for more than 20 years and has thus met all requirements associated with this status. This includes a minimum required number of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP). In addition, Microsoft's development platform provides a solid foundation for new developments, enabling SCOPE FinTech Solutions software solutions to integrate more quickly and easily with other applications. A number of advantages of Microsoft Azure:
  • Security Microsoft Azure helps to keep customer data safe.
  • Privacy: Microsoft Azure gives customers ownership and control over their data.
  • Compliance: Microsoft Azure complies with global standards
  • Reliability and flexibility: Microsoft Azure keeps your applications running and your data available.

Marketing partner

Balieplus: Balieplus helps lawyers to conduct their business as efficiently as possible, in the belief that every lawyer will do his best if he does not have to deal with all kinds of organizational matters. The CDD On Demand solution will unburden lawyers, allowing them to fully focus on assisting their clients.

Because of the cooperation, members of Balieplus receive ten percent extra credits if they use the service offered by SCOPE via Balieplus. They receive the extra credits as a gift with the first order and by using a special link on the Balieplus website

Privacy Direct: SCOPE FinTech Solutions has a partnership with Privacy Direct for the CDD On Demand products.

Privacy Direct is a young, dynamic privacy consultancy.

Privacy Direct ensures that you continue to comply with the strict privacy rules. This way we can prevent high fines or reputational damage to your company/organization as a result of privacy violations.

Partner for legislation and regulations

DPO Consultancy: SCOPE FinTech Solutions has a partnership with an external Data Protection Officer (Data Protection Officer (DPO)) for the CDD On Demand products. The DPO has an independent position. The DPO assesses, among other things, the security measures taken.

In addition, the DPO guarantees compliance with the various laws relating to data processing. Prior to the collaboration, an assessment took place to test and determine to what extent SCOPE FinTech Solutions meets the requirements of the GDPR.

The DPO Consultancy team, which consists of independent Data Protection Officers, lawyers and specialists, has in-depth knowledge and broad practical experience. “DPO Consultancy is the expert in guiding organizations in realizing their Privacy Journey, including becoming and remaining GDPR compliant“.