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With CDD On Demand you can screen and monitor your clients easily and quickly.
We use a credit system for this (€1,50 for one credit). You purchase credits in our webshop and with the credits you can perform a compliance check, monitor your clients and perfom a UBO check. (UBO check works for Dutch companies only). 

With the compliance check, data is automatically requested from various sources about the person and / or company you entered. You can screen persons and / or companies along various (sanction)lists. If you put a client on the monitor list, this client will be monitored for 365 days and you will receive a message if something changes in the status of your client. This way you can keep your risk assessment up to date. 

Based on a Chamber of Commerce number, the UBO check generates more information about the structure of a company and the people involved.


CDD Components
Compliance check
What will be checked?
1 Credit (per onderzoek)
UBO Check
How does it work?
3 Credits*

* The actual costs for the UBO check are determined afterwards. The UBO check searches for UBO (s) by requesting data from related companies from the Chamber of Commerce. The UBO check costs three credits per found company. You need at least 25 credits to start a UBO check. The UBO check only works for Dutch companies.

What does it include?
2 Credits
(per client per jaar)
Risk Assessment
What are the benefits?
1 Credit

Example - UBO check

You're searching for the UBO of the company: Hoofddorp Vermogensbeheer with Chamber of Commerce number 0123456.

After entering the Chamber of Commerce number at the UBO check in CDD On Demand, an attempt is made to trace the UBO by obtaining as much information as possible about the company and (possible) other companies.

The check shows that Hoofddorp Vermogensbeheer B.V. is part of a holding named Degraaff Holding B.V.. The name of the managing director and the only board member is Maarten L.S. de Graaff.

The costs of this UBO check are:

  • To consult the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce for the data of Hoofddorp Vermogensbeheer B.V. are you paying three credits
  • To consult the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce for the details of Degraaff Holding B.V. are you paying three credits

In total this check costs six credits = €9,00 (ex. VAT)


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Disclaimer: SCOPE FinTech Solutions streeft ernaar dat de via de CDD on Demand beschikbaar gestelde data actueel, volledig en feitelijk juist is. Door gebruik te maken van deze service accepteert u echter dat onjuistheden en/of onvolledigheden niet compleet uit te sluiten zijn en dat SCOPE FinTech Solutions voor dergelijke onjuistheden en/of onvolledigheden op geen enkele wijze aansprakelijk is.

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