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Compliance check

The CDD On Demand solution provides support in the following areas:

  • Conducting a comprehensive and traceable compliance check. 
  • Het continu bewaken en monitoren van uw cliënten.
  • Het uitvoeren van een UBO onderzoek.

The comprehensive compliance check

The compliance check within the CDD On Demand solution automatically requests data from various sources about the person and/or organisation you have entered. The person and/or organisation is checked on eight different points, ranging from PEP and sanction lists to insolvency. After the extensive compliance check, you can request a digitally certified report of this person and/or organisation. This is useful for your own administration, of course, but especially essential in case of an audit by the supervisor. This allows you to easily provide proof of carrying out the compliance check.

Compliance check - what is checked?

The following points are checked:

Active or historical sanctions: Whether sanctions have been (or were) imposed on a person or a company.
Law enforcement agencies:Whether this person or company is monitored by a law enforcement agency.
Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs): whether this person is a politically exposed person.
Adverse media: Whether there is negative publicity about this person or company.
Financial supervisors: Whether this person or company is under the supervision of a financial regulatory authority.

Insolvency register: Whether this person or company is registered in the insolvency register.

Disqualified director: Whether this person has been declared incompetent as a director or whether a company has an incapacitated director.

High-risk countries: Whether the country is high-risk according to the FATF list.

Daily monitoring

Identify risks at an early stage. Identify risks early. The CDD On Demand solution allows you to monitor customers daily. You will receive notifications when new or additional risk factors are found so you can take immediate action.

Monitoring can be automated with CDD On Demand solution. You can choose which search queries you want to monitor.

Batch checks

For large volumes, backlogs or routine scheduled check, the CDD On Demand solution offers the batch check. The batch check ensures that an entire list or file of persons and/or organisations can be checked in one go, with automatic delivery of the results.