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Serial check

Screen your entire client file at once? This is also possible with CDD On Demand! It's easy to supply the people and/or companies you want to check via an Excel file, and CDD On Demand does the rest. In addition, you will receive a certified report from each screening with the results of the compliance check.

Is your organization involved in a merger or company takeover?

Are you in arrears with meeting your AML obligations?

Are you planning to buy or acquire a customer base?

Screen all your clients in one go

The client file screening allows you to fully screen your entire client base at once. Check your entire client base for politically prominent people (PEP), presence on sanction lists, and negative media.

The client file screening saves you a huge amount of time and ensures that you fully comply with the procedure requirements of the AML.

What do you need?

All you need is an Excel file containing the first names, last names, date of birth, and country of residence. The latter is only necessary if you also want to screen against geographical risk. To check businesses, you need the company name, country, city, street name, number and zip code to perform a compliance check.

In addition, you will of course need credits on your account. Each compliance check (company or person) costs 1 credit. 

How does it work?

You log in to your CDD On Demand account and check your credit balance. Go to the "serial screening" tab and enter the name of the screening. Choose whether you want to (re) check existing clients or check new clients and choose whether you want to check persons or companies. Upload the Excel file you want to check and you can easily start the process.