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In short

De samenwerking betreft een partnerschap waarbij de juridische kennis van Privacy Direct gecombineerd wordt met de CDD On Demand software van SCOPE FinTech Solutions om beide klanten beter te kunnen bedienen.

Combining knowledge

Sales manager Bas van der Veer: “SCOPE FinTech Solutions customers regularly encounter cases in which legal advice is required. Think, for example, of finding UBOs abroad and how to deal with them. We also notice that customers find it difficult to determine to what extent they fully comply with the AML. Then it makes sense to have an AML audit scan performed.” On the other hand, Privacy Direct has clients who come by with compliance issues but do not yet have the right tooling. It is especially good for these clients if a solution can be started immediately. 

By combining the knowledge of both parties, both customer groups can be better served.


About Privacy Direct

Since its foundation in May 2018, Privacy Direct has grown rapidly: since the beginning of 2019, Privacy Direct has been the proud partner of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), the VO Council, and PO Council. As a partner, Privacy Direct has been chosen as one of the three preferred suppliers for the provision of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a service to the PO and VO institutions. Privacy Direct is very proud of this.

Met de praktische en pragmatische aanpak zorgt Privacy Direct ervoor dat u blijft voldoen aan de strenge privacyregels. Zo kunnen hoge boetes of reputatieschade aan uw bedrijf/organisatie als gevolg van privacyschendingen voorkomen. The dienstverlening van Privacy Direct voegt waarde toe aan uw organisatie. 


About SCOPE FinTech Solutions

SCOPE FinTech Solutions mainly focuses on financial institutions and supports these companies in complying with statutory Wwft and MiFID II obligations regarding their clients.

SCOPE FinTech Solutions supplies the Cloud service CDD On Demand for this. CDD On Demand has been developed for the SME segment and mainly focuses on brokers, accountants, administrative offices, financial service providers, and tax consultants. In short, all institutions are subject to the AML. Another product of SCOPE FinTech Solutions is the SCOPE KYC Cloud Portal built to comply with the European MiFID II Know Your Customer obligations.

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