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How do you fulfill your gatekeeper role with the Wwft check from CDD on Demand?

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In short

In 2008, the so-called AMLD was introduced in the Netherlands. AMLD stands for Anti Money Laundering Directive. It is a combination of two previously existing laws; the Identification of Services Act and the Disclosure of Unusual Transactions Act. The AMLD has a risk-oriented approach, which means that institutions subject to AMLD make a risk assessment of their clients. The main objective of the AMLD is to maintain integrity in the financial system, which includes preventing and combating money laundering and terrorist financing. Below you can read which steps to take with an AMLD check and why this law is important in the Dutch legal system.


The AMLD imposes the following obligations on sellers of goods, brokers in the purchase and sale of goods, brokers and brokers in real estate, appraisers of real estate, operators of pawnshops and domicile providers. By answering the questions, you will immediately know how to fulfill your gatekeeper position according to the guidelines of the AMLD.

How can Scope CDD On Demand support you and your company in performing your gatekeeper role?

CDD On Demand offers an online platform in which the Chamber of Commerce registrations of your client can be requested. You enter a company name with place of business, or the Chamber of Commerce number, and CDD On Demand takes over most of the work. Within one minute you will get an overview of the company structure, in which the CDD On Demand solution indicates;

  • which person is the UBO.
  • which person(s) might possibly be the UBO.
  • which person(s) can lead you to the UBO.

When you are in a meeting with a client, you can immediately verify the company structure with the help of CDD On Demand.