A valuable instrument for AMLD obligations. Now also with UBO research! (Dutch companies only)

With the cloud service of SCOPE FinTech offers a solution for organizations that fall under the Wwft to perform fast and fully automated background checks for natural persons and companies.

CDD On Demand distinguishes itself from the competition by the extensive recording (audit) of the control process. The result of the investigation includes a digitally certified PDF form that the necessary background checks have taken place. CDD On Demand is very easy to integrate (API) with current software. CDD On Demand has now been taken into use by more than 10 companies.

The UBO survey for companies has been added in the latest version of CDD On Demand. Also new is the possibility to offer client and relation files in batch to speed up the control process.

The UBO investigation is a legal obligation in the AMLD. The basis for a UBO investigation is the Chamber of Commerce information on company directors. As soon as the UBOs have been identified, a person and company background check can be started immediately (PEP, sanction lists, negative publicity).

The batch functionality gives the user the opportunity to quickly clear up backlogs, for example during the first necessary check of the entire client database. The processing of all clients can be fully automated. All files that require investigation because of the results found are set aside for further assessment.

A user recently examined 5,500 files, 35 of which had to be manually assessed due to risk. The time savings are of course enormous and the process is greatly accelerated.

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